When GEPS was established in Mar 2003, it already had aim to be a global component supplier,
expanding our network to support both customers and suppliers globally.

GEPS simply means Global Electronics Parts Supplier.
Having a relatively small and lean, but committed work force, GEPS will always have the hunger
for growth and success. And with much appreciation to the current effective work force, GEPS
can boost to be one of the very few Electronics Component suppliers that all delivery can be
arranged within few hours of notice, and all our quotations were furnished within 12 working

Our commitment and eagerness to serve have not only brought us a steady annual sales
turnover growth of 30% over the past 3 years, it had also reduce much of customer’s time
needed to handle urgent issues, concentrating more on important issues and improving on its
competitive edge in this competitive market.

Such strengths have not only brought us success and dependence from customers, knowing
that we have done what others couldn’t also bring us much satisfaction.

Our focus on Electronic Passive Component over the past decade has provided GEPS in-depth
knowledge in this market, thus enhancing our value when we bridge Supplier’s supplier and
Customer’s demand.
Electronic Passive Component
A supplier is as good as how a customer would want it to be, and with this core belief, GEPS is always working very closely with our customers,
ensuring that we are the first few to get information on new developments and updates, to convey to our suppliers promptly and accordingly.

Consolidating and building on our success over the past 10 years, GEPS is entering the next phase of growth, branching out to the other parts of Asia
Pacific Region, moving a step closer to our goal when establishing GEPS, which is to be a Global Electronics Parts Supplier.

Moving forward, GEPS will increase our market coverage, as to assist more customers to stay competitive, with ease.
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